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I’ve done all of these in the past 24 hours.

I’ve done all of these in the past 24 hours.

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The new popular bashing point for gay marriage activist in response to a Christian worldview has been that verse in leviticus… and it’s been used to the extent that it makes one wonder if the gay rights community realizes that there are both more books in the bible and more verses that provide for…

Christianity doesn’t own marriage. Marriage was around long before Christianity and it will be around long after.
How dare you judge people and take away their right to love another person; be it male or female.

Also, wasn’t there a talking snake in the garden of Eden? That species must have died off because you don’t see them these days. You’re basing your whole opinion on love and relationships on a story with a talking animal? You would fucking love The Lion King if that’s the case.

Fuck your religion. Fuck your hatred. Fuck your opinion. Fuck your beliefs. More importantly; go fuck yourself you ignorant piece of shit.

Oh, and before you ask; I’m not gay. I just believe everyone has an equal right to love and marry whoever they like.